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We believe that in order to support healthy living, everyone should have access to fresh, whole foods.

Mighty Trio Organics is a family owned and operated business located on a beautiful acreage just outside of Redwater Alberta. We are both a manufacturer and distributer of highly nutritious, fresh foods. This allows us the opportunity to interact directly with customers and seed producers. We greatly value these relationships, herein lies the Mighty Trio; Farmers (freshly harvested seeds!), Processors (Us!) and the customer (You!). By bringing people closer to the farms where their food is grown we are able to provide the freshest, most nutrient rich foods available.

At Mighty Trio Organics, we value our environment and support local businesses, which is why we use seed grown as close to our facility as possible. By supporting Mighty Trio Organics you are also supporting local farmers and because our products have not traveled great distances, you are also making a friendlier choice for our planet.

Mighty Trio Organics provides you and your family with the fats, fibers, proteins and nutrients essential for healthy bodies and minds. We are proud to share our products with you and your family.

To your good health!

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