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This will serve as the official blog for Mighty Trio Organics. On this blog you might find us sharing bits of what we do to create our products, from sourcing raw materials to getting it out to customers, other projects we are involved in, illustrating why we do what we do and some of our goals related to our business…. As for right now, our site, as you can likely see, is under construction, or maybe we are into renovations now… Setting up a shipping module, payment stuff, and a first blog post!

Our web site will be in some form of constant renovation, building, construction and change and this blog will help to relate our ups and downs in the life of local food manufacturing, our passion for local food and our pursuits towards being more sustainable and responsible in the way we live and do business. We are inspired by what we do to create our products for appreciative (or experimenting!) customers at local farmers markets and health food stores and we are very thankful for the continuing support that allows us to continue doing so. I look forward to a busy, bountiful summer and further connecting to our local food culture…

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