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OSFM- Feb.26/11

Market Days can be exhausting, yet inspiring. Today’s market was definitely both of those, there are those certain interactions with people that make it all worthwhile. Met a lovely family who decided to choose our hemp and flax for their morning shot of oil, small children included. The oldest daughter made a disgusted face when her mother described the daily routine, but the look on her face after she tried our flax oil made me happy to think she won’t be dreading this daily routine any longer.

We have recently started selling our new and improved Hemp Protein Powder. After adding a new piece of machinery to our processing lineup earlier this year, to replace a stone mill that wasn’t doing what we needed it to, we’ve been working on new formulations for our protein powders. This machine is designed to operate free of friction during grinding, and it eliminates any concern of over-processing. Friction and overworking a raw protein will denature the amino acids, reducing or disabling their ability to do their job after consumption. This machine works really well.. it sounds like a jet engine, devours product and gives us an ultra-smooth finished product. Also easy to clean and provides some options for us to create new and better products, but more on that later;) We are still formulating our Super-Fine Protein Powder, which was intended to have slightly more protein, less fiber and mix easily into juices, smoothies, or just water. Should be ready for retail in early March. Let me know if you would like to test this product for us: We always love feedback on new products, generally we have a limited amount of free product for testing purposes. All we ask for is feedback… good or bad .. Contact us if you would like to be enlisted as a potential tester.

I’ll keep working on that, look for our Super Fine Protein Powder next month, and we’re all looking forward to an early start to the summer market season as the City Market will head into City Hall starting March 12, for 10 weeks, I hope we get a table!

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