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We start with Polish Canola seeds, which are actually a different species than used in your average grocery store Canola Oil, they are grown Certified Organic and Polish Canola is naturally free of any GMO's. The oil produced is uniquely rich and buttery, yet light and mellow and rivals Olive oil nutritionally. Besides, where can you find a locally grown olive on the Canadian Prairies?

Canola Seed Oil - Canola oil is well known to the Alberta consumer as an ideal oil for sauteing and cooking. We use only seed that is non-GMO and Certified Organic. This light, buttery oil can be used in place of butter for many things, baking , cooking, pouring all over popcorn. It is so flavorful and tasty, it stands on its own in salad dressings and can be used as a base for sauces or dips.

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